My Nintendo Mini Classics

These are not made by Nintendo. Rather, the series are key chain mini games with many titles from the Game & Watch series licensed by Nintendo. I bought four but one of them, Super Mario, broke soon after unpacking. 

These Mini Classics are far less collectible than the real Game & Watch, although they are fun to keep around. Because they were not manufactured by Nintendo (I believe all the Game & Watches were made in Japan), the build quality is wanting. 


My Nintendo Game & Watch Collection So Far

These collectible little games are pricey on eBay! So many people want them. Here are the four from the 80s that I have got so far (plus the 2011 Club Nintendo G&W Ball reissue, not displayed here). I guess I just need to be patient. 

[The black box in the middle is the 3rd-gen Apple TV.]


Added “Game & Watch Mickey & Donald” to Collection

I received one more Game & Watch game today, this time Mickey & Donald from the Multi Screen series (model no. DM-53, first released in November 1982). The only thing is I now think I overpaid for it on eBay…

The gameplay itself is quite silly, with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck working together to extinguish a fire. But who amongst us doesn’t like to see Mickey once in a while? And when was the last time Nintendo put a Disney character in a first-party game?

I Got “Game & Watch Donkey Kong Jr.” (New Wide Screen version)

I finally received my first vintage Game & Watch game – in 20 years! I’m sure I had a couple of G&W games a long time ago but it was only a couple months back that I decided to start collecting these slowly. I already have a Club Nintendo re-issue of Game & Watch Ball from 2010. (I have to say I got the re-issue only because I couldn’t pick any other Club reward at the time. But boy am I now glad I chose it!)

I ordered this used Donkey Kong Jr. (New Wide Screen, model DJ-101, released in Oct. 1982) on eBay a couple of weeks ago and the seller sent it from Japan. I would have received it Monday except the USPS screwed up the delivery. Luckily I ran into our regular mailman today and found out how to retrieve the package from the local sort facility. USPS really sucks.

I also had to buy two new SR44-equivalent batteries in order to power up my first vintage Game & Watch game. While the game works well and the LCD shows no issues, I probably should have bought one that’s closer to the new condition. Mine has a lot of wear and scruff from the previous owner(s), to the point of being cosmetically ugly. It arrived quite dirty on the plastic case, too, so I had to use some sanitary wipe to clean it. I’m still quite happy, because this is a game that had the directional buttons arranged in a plus manner but without being an actual D-pad.

Next up, I should be receiving a Game & Watch Donkey Kong soon. I’m very excited about that one because it was the first game, ever, that features the modern D-pad, invented by Gunpei Yokoi, the engineer behind the G&W series and the legendary Game Boy handheld.