Finally, PS Vita Removes Spyware from Google

I love my PS Vita (PlayStation Vita). I have three of them, including the slim model (PCH-2000). But one thing that had irked me from the beginning was Vita’s inclusion of Google spyware (Maps app and Google location services) in the system software. This in particular prevented me from using the Near app (Sony’s version of Nintendo’s successful StreetPass feature), because I refused (and still refuse) to be spied on and tracked by Google. I do not want to be “Scroogled.”

So I was really happy to hear that Vita’s system update 3.50, released March 26, 2015, finally removed the spyware components from Google from the system. The Maps app is no more, and Google apparently is no longer providing location services. Vita owners are no longer enslaved by Google if they want to use location-related features. I, finally, ran Near for the very first time, and I plan on using it regularly from now on.

Kudos to Sony for removing Google spyware from its nice handheld.